Letter from the Chair

Letter from the Director:

I would like to welcome you on behalf of the Department of Communication Studies.

As a department in a young academic institution, our approach to education is student-centered, with emphasis on the development of student autonomy and independence. With the knowledge of a wide array of human communicative activities and corresponding skills, students are trained to, and responsible for, making their own assessments and decisions in their learning.

To make informed decisions is pivotal in this day and age. Traditional media are no longer the sole providers of information, and emerging social media grant everyone the opportunity to be information providers. Never before in history are we so overwhelmed with information and misinformation. Given how communications constitutes a vital role in our society, how do we, in this rapid change, live as informed citizens and responsible journalists?

In the years ahead, you will learn the fundamentals of communications, the intricacies of its operations, technology, skills, and more importantly, the right attitude to hold. Since ways of communication evolve with the advancement of technology, know your basics and you can adapt through practice and experience. The right attitude, as paramount as it is, is not something you can readily attain at work, but only through proper education. 

The right attitude is comprised of responsibility, awareness, and ethics. Together they are the principles you can rely on to make an accurate decision. Responsibility determines where you stand on the matter, awareness allows you to see through the facade of things, and ethics instruct you on what to do and what not to do under the circumstances. 

In this ever-complicated world, let us never forget to return to our roots and ask ourselves the elementary question: What is our purpose in life? How do we live as intelligent, autonomous individuals without being manipulated by technology and the media? 

When you graduate from the department, some of you may move on to the job market, in media perhaps, and some of you may search elsewhere with your talents. No matter what your choices are, the education you are about to receive will stay with you. Your values, education and conception of the world, forged and shaped in your university years, are the light that will lead you through the times ahead.  

Never be a blind follower of any trend. Study the wisdom of others and build your own body of thoughts, and it would allow you to think critically and analytically under all circumstances. Find your true passion and embrace it as I have, as a critical scholar in communication studies, and you will help the world become a better place.

Remember—be your own person.


Wei-Hsin Fu, Ph.D

Director of Communication Studies