Ability, Characteristics

Ability, Characteristics

Our focus is to provide high quality faculty and professional resources to equip students in developing core abilities for the mass media profession.   With our unique academic environment and various interdisciplinary expanses, students have choices of interacting with local communities and putting theory in practice. As students’ performance and future successes are important indicators of our continuous effort towards excellent education and training, we have long laid all ground work for learning, as well as faculty advisors and voluntary counselors. Communication Studies always follows the pulses of nearby communities and all corners of world; we thereby equip students with all possible tools and skills with which to face the world.  

Core Abilities

For undergraduate students to develop:

  1. Data compilation and analysis skills
  2. Media production skills
  3. Speech and communication skills

For graduate students to develop:

  1. Health information messages identification and analysis skills
  2. Research methods

What We Offer

  • Sound media and (medical) sectors as teaching resources
    We offer complete media resources, including TV, radio broadcasts and periodicals, as well as public relations departments in medical institutions for our students to get hands-on practice experience.
  • Tzu Chi multiple missions provides a wealth of research resources. 
    The industry has a medical, communications, education and international community, for the Department to develop communications, medicine, and the spread of public health cross-field combinations’ characteristics, providing a wealth of teaching and research resources.

  • Media education in the local community is different from the traditional
    We employ innovated media studies education with access to various communities where their rich ethnical cultures offer much for students to explore. This coincides with our departmental goal of assisting nearby underprivileged minorities, while classroom-learned skills are practiced and social responsibility for media professionals is nurtured.

  • Unique internship system cultivates students with solid skills
    Our apprenticeship and internship courses require students to participate in full-semester hands-on media practice training. In particular, studio workshops at DaAi TV station enhance students’ abilities for an ever competitive field of mass media.

  • Active participation in the local community to enlighten social responsibility of a media worker
    An important part of our courses is designed in such a way to get students engaged with local communities. Students are given opportunities to engage with communities where professional experiences along with awareness of social responsibility are required.

  • Unique triple counseling system provides a full range of counseling
    Our student counseling system consists of three resources, taking students’ needs from the perspectives of administrative, academic and campus life. There are at least two counsellors for each class available plus the "Tzu Chi Dad and Mom Association," worked in concert with the Office of Students Affairs to provide timely assistance to students.