Development of a social and cultural model based on the field of health communication

Health issues attract intensive attention throughout the world. As health issues become part of daily life, we take priority in our development of research in how such related media messages originate, are broadcast and eventually accepted by society and its impact on popular culture.

Multi-disciplinary teaching and researching strategies, using resources inside and outside the school.

Campus life is not just restricted to study. Tzu Chi affiliations cover mass media, international exchange and a wide range of  medical services. These abundant resources are available to serve our students’ needs when required.

Integrating community and school to create a novel teaching, learning, and research model

We are in the eastern Taiwan area where various cultural traditions can be observed among a number of different ethnic groups. This geographical and ethnical environment offers a unique opportunity for study models in applying communication theories and techniques with the combination of interpersonal skills and mass media.  

Strengthen international outlook through international exchanges

Tzu Chi University is closely affiliated with the Tzu Chi Foundation. With the Foundation’s branch offices worldwide, opportunities are provided for students to study abroad as well as do research, and community service and join Tzu Chi international relief missions.