Senior Year Undergraduate

Department of Communication Studies Course Selection Guide



Health Communication

Local Issues/ Tribal Images or Videos

Program Production


Integrated Marketing

Media Design

Senior Year -1st Semester

  • Senior Project
    II (2)
  • Practicum Ⅱ (2)
  • Communications
    Law and Ethics
  • Sound and music technology  (2)
  • Management and Marketing of Broadcasting & TV (2)
  • Screenplay Writing (2)
  • Social Marketing
Senior Year - 2nd Semester

  • Media Operations
    and Industry(3)
  • Internship(6)

Senior Year -1st Semester

Practicum Ⅱ (2 credits)

Guidelines for Practicum Ⅱ: 

  1. Select and obtain permission either from Tzu Chi affiliated organizations or other prominent organizations that are currently in broadcasting practice. 
  2. If you choose to take half a day per week for your practicum during the semester, you will need to work up to 72 hours in 18 week's in order to satisfy the requirement. You are responsible for arranging your schedule with the organization of your choice. Please log your time accurately and have it signed by your instructor at the end of your practicum time.
  3. If you choose to work during summer or winter breaks, you will follow the requirement of the organization of your choice. In general, you are expected to work at least one full month. Please log your time accurately and have it signed by your instructor at the end of your practicum session.
  4. You need to submit a written report on your work at the end of the semester. It is strongly recommended that you enter the details of your work every day on a work log and in addition, keep a copy of your major accomplishments during the practicum period. The copy of your work accomplishment and a written report on your practicum will be the grading criteria at the end of the semester
  5. Toward the end of the semester there will be an open symposium for students participating in practicum and each student will be asked to give a 10-15 minute oral presentation to share work experience.
  6. You are encouraged to work and learn proactively during your practicum. Don’t be shy and quiet. Ask questions and voice your doubts. You are there to learn, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

We wish you all a successful experience.  
Participating organizations:
Tzu Chi Community:

  1. Tzu Chi Foundation Secretariat
  2. Love Taiwan
  3. Tai Tai Taiwan News Center
  4. Fine Homes (Tzu Chi Foundation Cultural Center)
  5. Tzu Chi Monthly
  6. University of Tzu Chi Secretary
  7. Eastern Love Broadcasting Group
  8. Tzu Chi General Hospital
  9. Public Transport Department of Tzu Chi Dalin Hospital
  10. Tzu Chi Foundation Multimedia Center


  1. Hualien Education Radio
  2. Tainan China Broadcasting Corporation - Asia Radio (Taoyuan)
  3. Kaohsiung Harbor Radio (do not recommend)
  4. Kaohsiung Kiss Radio
  5. Voice of Han Broadcasting Network -Tainan Radio Station
  6. New Life Newspaper
  7. Rolling Stone Culture
  8. Hualien Cable TV Network.
  9. Wilderness Conservation Association Hualien Branch
  10. Fresh Climate (SinShan) Community Development Association
  11. TIMA Taiwan International Medical Alliance
  12. Pilot Group Public Relations Consultants
  13. Access Public Relations
  14. IdeaWealth Integrated Marketing Company
  15. New Vision Group
  16. Fox Networks Group, Taiwan Branch
  17. TVBS Media Inc. (East News Station)
  18. Formosa TV South Station
  19. Pingtung City Cultural Bureau
  20. Beauty Magazine

(The above listings are for reference only.  Students are encouraged to choose any institutions related to broadcasting business)

Senior Project II (2 credits)

The course is designed so that a faculty member, based on his or her academic strengths, may conduct the class to provide academic advice to students, and students may select such a faculty member as advisor for their independent study projects.

As a requirement for graduation, students should complete a thematic project, based on their academic interests, training, and ability, under the tutelage of their chosen departmental faculty advisor.  A project advisor for students with specialized study areas will provide individual guidance and advice to assist students to finalize their project topics and methods. This partnership working process will enrich 

student’s abilities to analyze and produce cross-field information and their skills in communication, data collection, and media production. 

Course Objectives: Enable students to marshal their professional knowledge and skills from three years of study to complete a graduation project independently as an evaluation of their academic success. 

Communications Law and Ethics (3 credits)

  1. Ensure students understand the basic laws of communication practice
  2. Teach students how to maintain professionalism in communication practice by observing the communication protocol and be sensible to any potential risky matters.
  3. Train students to exercise critical thinking and logical judgment.
  4. Prepare students to take required examinations for career growth

Sound and Music Technology (2 credits)

Through demonstration and practice by invited industry practitioners, this course ensures students understand and recognize the essential technical aspects of sound engineering, audio technology and editing skills, as well as music and soundtracks in order to help them determine their career choice.

Screenplay Writing (2 credits)

The course is designed to train and enhance students’ screenplay writing skills.

Social Marketing (3 credits)

The core of this course is to use the concept of an enterprise’s social responsibility and social marketing issues, to inspire market directors to combine business strategies and social issues, to develop their market strategies, to further their influence on society, and to reexamine their marketing objectives and value.

The course combines current affairs with social marketing issues, including the relationship between social marketing and business strategy, the wholeness of social marketing concept, and the challenges of the new economic era. The course emphasizes both theory and practice. It is conducted by using the problem-oriented method, but also relies on analyzing and pondering of solutions to world problems based on social marketing.

Senior Year - 2nd Semester

Media Operations and Industry (3 credits)

The course facilitates students’ understanding of their future career direction by inviting media professionals to analyze and share their professional view points and information on media technology development in the print, television, and broadcasting industries.

Internship (6 credits)


  1. Students can learn the skills needed in the workplace related with broadcasting in-person.
  2. Students can experience professional work ethics.
  3. Students can apply what they have learned in the workplace.
  4. Provides students opportunities for career planning.


In the first semester, students are advised on how to choose an internship organization and prepare materials to apply for internship in the following semester. During the internship, students’ mentor or advisor is responsible for periodically visiting the students at the practicum site and counseling students on how to adjust to the new environment/organization as well as how to present their internship report at the end of their intern session.